Good as New’s purpose is to enable you to become connected to your complete well-being, in body, soul and spirit. You will be left feeling absolutely fulfilled with your energy naturally flowing downstream, experiencing greater awareness, self-understanding and acceptance.

    This community is representative of a full cross section of multi-generational peoples of all social and economic levels. They choose to increase their awareness of self-responsibleness for well-being and seek out assistance from available broader health-related modalities as needed.

    You will be left feeling great awe and celebration of how you got here and sharing those possibilities with others.

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Living can bring pain. Sometimes it looks like the pain and damage are so bad we think we will never be restored.

Loving can bring change! Love is a powerful force to overcome fear and evil in our lives.

Learning is possible today. Someone is standing by and available to help you break free from stagnation in your life and find fresh energy flowing through your spirit like a waterfall.

David Speidel, CSP  | 4367 Vine Arbor Drive | Hickory, NC  28602   ~   (828) 446-0955